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Red Carpet Site Move Service

Let us take your headache away and get your business online quickly.

We strive to make the switch to Alentus as easy as possible. That is why we offer to move a copy of your website to Alentus for free. We wish we could guarantee your site will instantly work perfectly the moment it is restored to our servers, but sometimes the way hosting companies have things set up on their servers is different, therefore it may take a little work to get things working perfectly the first time.

We help you through this process by providing a website testing link for your new site here at Alentus so you can work with us while your live web site address still points to your current hosting company. If your website is currently non-functional at your current hoster, then we can help expedite the testing process to help you get your business back online as soon as possible.

Our Customer Service Representatives are always more than happy to assist you through this process. If you need assistance, please contact us via telephone, email or live chat.

Choose Your New Hosting Services at Alentus

Choose your new Hosting Plan from our website.

If you need assistance, contact a Customer Service Representative at 1.877.922.9903,
or click the image below to chat live.

Order Your New Alentus Hosting Account

Once you have chosen your web hosting plan, place your order via the online order form.

Note: We need the FTP information or control panel login of your website account at your current hosting provider to download a copy of your website content so that we may restore that content to your new account here at Alentus. You can either enter that information into the Notes field in the sign-up form, or provide that to us later in step 3 below.

You will receive a Welcome Kit email shortly after your hosting account is active. This email contains information for your new hosting services and your website testing link.

Request your Red Carpet Site Move

Refer to your Alentus Welcome Kit you received via email after your services were enabled.
The email contains a link to a secure online submission form to request your Red Carpet Site Move service.

Make your Alentus website live

Once you have tested your site with Alentus and want to make your site live, it is time to point your domain and website to Alentus DNS Servers.

Point your website to us by updating your DNS (Domain Name Services) record with your domain name registrar. You simply need to our enter our name server information, as shown below.

Alentus Name Server Information

  • Primary Server Hostname:
  • Primary Server Netaddress:
  • Secondary Server Hostname:
  • Secondary Server Netaddress:

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